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who we are

About Us

We specialize in working with entrepreneurs and business owners. Our specialty is being able to execute and find solutions to the challenges that hold business growth back. With executive leadership coaching experience, we thrive working with startups including a dental consulting firm, dental clinics, trade schools and training centers, real estate firms and more. We excel in streamlining internal operations, enhancing systems, reducing risk, and strengthening controls.

What We Offer

GSD Queen offers a wide range of services depending on the needs of you and your business.
Typical support includes:


Your Investment

GSD Queen limits the number of clients serviced to maintain exceptional service. Based on the scope of the project and support prices vary greatly.

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what people are saying


"I had the great privilege of being able to work with Ashlee Hirschfeld for over a seven year period. During her tenure, she served as a project manager as well as the Director of Operations for my companies. Ashlee brought a level of organization and efficiency that, prior to her arrival, was non-existent. Additionally, she was instrumental in engineering an operational framework that we continue utilize that has resulted in over 500% growth over the last eight years. If you're looking for a difference maker for your organization, a catalyst for positive change, I cannot recommend Ashlee highly enough. She doesn't just GSD, she gets the right $hit done!"
Mark Costes, DDS
Founder, Dental Success Institute
"In the years I have known and worked with Ashlee, I've seen her run meetings from 7 to 700. Regardless of the stakes, she handles it with grace. Her strength is taking projects from ideas to reality. I admire her for her ability to handle large task loads and get things done BEFORE the deadline EVERY TIME!"
Dave Maloley, DDS
Founder, The Relentless Dentist
"Ashlee has helped to map out strategy, get and keep me organized, hire staff, track down vendors and negotiate contracts. She is a great sounding board and has good business instincts. Above all else, Ashlee has absolute integrity. I would and have trusted her with sensitive information and concerns. If you have the opportunity to hire Ashlee to work with you, do it! You won’t be disappointed.”
Aaron Nicholas, DDS
Founder, Nicholas Dental Care
"Ashlee and I have been friends and haven't worked together until recently. So I knew she is great but only after working with her I realized how awesome Ashlee is. Nothing needs to be reminded, on top of stuff and a real GSD queen. Ashlee, please don't get busy as I will need your help really soon!"
Tiger Safarov
ZenSupplies, CEO
“Ashlee's in-depth knowledge and ability to prioritize, focus and execute is par none. I would recommend GSD Queen to anyone in any industry. She will truly take your business to the next level. Whether you’re a start-up or a seasoned business, she will GSD for you!"
Jake Conway
Owner, Custom Practice Analytics