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We solve the biggest issues entrepreneurs face.

From business operations to employee relations, GSD Queen is your go-to when it comes to growing and systematizing your business. 

The best way to get something done is to do it yourself!” We have all heard the saying, however not knowing what and how to delegate properly could be holding your company back. Let GSD Queen provide guidance on strategically delegating for explosive growth. 

Often small business owners can get in the way of their own progress and create bottlenecks for growth. Knowing when to hire and how to hire the right team early can help build a lifetime company culture of success. GSD Queen can help guide you, give tips on and how to onboard the right time to support your vision.

Overhead? Profitability? P&L’s? Financial Statements? Unless your small business is an accounting or bookkeeping firm, managing cash flow and the accompanying financials can be stressful and overwhelming. GSD Queen can help simplify and manage the monthly process.

Licenses, compliance and requirements oh my!! There are so many nuances that go into operating a business. It can be overwhelming. GSD Queen can help evaluate potential risks that your company may face in this area and make sure your business is crossing those T’s and dotting those I’s.

From product creation, client relations, handling employee issues, following up on payments, managing vendors, reviewing contracts, executing growth plans and everything in between–being an entrepreneur takes A LOT OF TIME. It’s easy to let your day slip away from you and spend too much time working IN the business instead of ON it. With nearly a decade of experience as COO for more than 10 companies (AT ONCE) let GSD Queen help you tackle the time management monster and show you how to maximize your work hours so you can enjoy your life away from the business as well.

Done is better than perfect…unless you have the bandwidth to make it perfect! You may have a fully FUNCTIONING business, but is it as efficient as it can be? Efficiency is the key to maximizing profits and streamlining your client experience. GSD Queen can help you evaluate your current systems and ensure processes are well organized and running as streamlined as possible.

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